About Shubz

Shubz, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, is a music artist whose sound transcends borders and cultures. As a descendant of Indian immigrant parents, Shubz was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultural influences from a young age. His mother’s melodious voice kindled his love for music during temple prayers. This daily ritual filled their home with spiritual hymns and instilled in Shubz a deep appreciation for the power of music. 

Shubz's musical journey officially began in 2022 when he released tracks that quickly resonated with a broad audience. His unique blend of cultural influences and contemporary sounds has amassed close to one million streams, a testament to his growing popularity and the universal appeal of his music. As his music gained traction, Shubz caught the attention of major media outlets. His features in Complex, HipHopCanada, CBC Music, FACES Magazine, and others have solidified his reputation as a rising star in the music industry. These platforms have highlighted his musical talent and his innovative approach to creating and sharing his art. 

Shubz is not just a local sensation; his vision and creativity have taken him across the globe. Known for shooting visually stunning music videos in exotic locations such as Morocco, Colombia, and Spain, Shubz brings a global perspective to his artistry. These international projects reflect his commitment to blending diverse cultural elements into his music and visual storytelling. One of Shubz's most notable recent releases is "Shakira," an upbeat summer anthem designed to get people moving. The track showcases his ability to create infectious rhythms and melodies that appeal to a wide audience. 

Beyond North America, Shubz's music is finding a particularly enthusiastic reception in Germany, where his fan base continues to grow. With a dynamic career that is rapidly expanding, Shubz remains focused on pushing musical boundaries and connecting with listeners worldwide. His journey from Ottawa to international acclaim is just beginning, and his innovative spirit promises to keep his fans eagerly anticipating what he will create next. Shubz is set to become a significant force in the global music scene as he continues to evolve and explore new artistic territories.